Uncategorized August 17, 2020

The Spark It Market and 10 Years a Realtor!

Hi Everyone!

(If you just want market stats, scroll down to the bottom, or click this link)

A quick email checking in.  Long story short the market is nuts right now.  Market stats below and very fun video above please watch!

My good friend Caroline termed it “The Spark it Market.”  If you know Marie Kondo, you know what this means.  If not, click here and learn about sparking that joy people!

It is crazy competitive for buyers right now.  Ground hog day malaise mixed with utterly crazy low interest rates are making it tough to get into a home right now for buyers, since everyone is wanting to do the same thing.  Buy!

If you are thinking of buying, get your ducks in a row!  This means: money in the bank, loan pre-approval totally locked/loaded/dialed, and be ready to waive a lot of contingencies and get crazy if you want that house.  Make sure you have a Realtor with lots of fight (me!) because they will need to pit bull your way to the top of those piles if you are interested in a competitive joy sparking home.

If you are thinking of selling, you might want to call me and hit this wave.  When priced right, houses are selling with great terms for sellers.  This may not last long things are pretty strange right now, so might be a great time to strike.

I, like you, wonder when (if?) life will ever go back to normal. I miss so much about life before Covid.  The ennui of this time sometimes feels overwhelming, but we will get through this, and come out better.

Also, this marks my 10th year as a Realtor, and I am grateful to have been able to be of service for this long, thanks so much to all who have helped me make this possible through referrals and repeat business. Those 10 years did not fly by.  It feels like 10 years for sure, so much has happened and changed since 2010 when I became a licensee.  I’ll save that for another email.

Please if you know anyone looking to enter the market send them my way, I work 100% by referral and so appreciate all of you supporting my passion and my business by keeping in me at the top of mind when you know someone who is poised to enter the market.


All my love!